Affiliate Marketing Explained

If you have been involved in internet marketing in any way in recent times you would probably be familiar with the term ‘Affiliate Marketing’. However, if you are new to Internet Marketing and don’t know what Affiliate Marketing is, or even if you have never heard of the term, I’ll be happy to explain exactly what it is in simple language.

In fact if you have just started looking to figure out a good way to make money online, then affiliate marketing may well be a good option for you.

So what is Affiliate Marketing?

Well let me just back up a little and first let you know what an affiliate product is.  An affiliate product is a product that allows other people (known as affiliates) to promote it and earn predetermined commission on all sales made as a result of the affiliates own promotion of that product.

For example, a product creator named Joe created a product which he is selling for $100.  Joe wants other people to promote his product and is willing to pay them 50% commission on any sales resulting from their promotions. Mary knows a lot of people who she thinks would be interested in Joe’s product, so she promotes it to them and 8 of them decide to buy Joe’s product. So that is a total of sales of $800 (8 x $100). Of the $800 worth of sales that Mary referred, Joe would get 50% ($400) and Mary would get 50% ($400). The more sales Mary refers, the more money both Joe and Mary earn. After a sale is made, Joe sends the product directly to the customer. Mary just collects the commissions.  Joe and Mary are both happy.

So any form of promotion of an affiliate product is referred to as Affiliate Marketing. So an affiliate marketer needs to get as many targeted people to see that offer as possible, and in doing this over the internet, it means the affiliate must drive as much targeted traffic to the offer as possible.

Affiliate products can be either digital or physical. Digital products include things like ebooks, webinars, training courses and software. Physical can literally be anything physical from a smart phone to a treadmill, and anything in between.

The best places to find digital affiliate products are:

A good place to find physical affiliate products is

Please note that commissions on physical products on Amazon tend to be lower than the commissions offered on digital products on the other networks I mentioned above.

When you sign up to these networks (which are free to join) as an affiliate, you can search for relevant or interesting products to promote and get access to your own affiliate link for the respective product which you can then promote. The affiliate link links directly to the sales page of the affiliate product, and sales made through this linked are tracked to you by a unique code and you’ll be paid by the networks either by check (cheque), wire transfer or straight into our Paypal account. The fulfillment of the product is done by the Vendor.  These networks also provide various statistical and tracking tools that assist affiliates with their marketing campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing is a good way to earn money quickly as you don’t need to waste time creating a product and you don’t have to worry about product fulfillment or shipping, as that is done directly between the vendor and the customer.  You just need to know how to get targeted traffic to your affiliate link.  Now this can be either free or paid traffic (or both).

Now if you want a demonstration on how exactly you can research and select an affiliate product for the highest possible conversion, I have a complete video demonstration inside my own product Rapid Traffic Guide. I actually log into one of the big networks, show exactly how navigate around and search for your niche and products, and exactly how to access your affiliate link.

Inside this course I also demonstrate over 20 different ways to drive traffic to an affiliate offer and also capture customer contact details so you can promote further offers to them simply by sending an email.

So in a nutshell, do I recommend Affiliate Marketing? Absolutely, it’s a good way to earn some quick money, and in fact there are people who earn 5 or 6 figures monthly doing just affiliate marketing.

Having said that it is better if you have a bit of knowledge on how to best select a product and the most effective methods to promote it.

So if you are considering getting into affiliate marketing, I strongly suggest you get access to Rapid Traffic Guide (get in soon before the price goes up).  This will ensure you get the best results possible from your affiliate marketing efforts.


  • Gloria Hyatt

    Reply Reply September 18, 2015

    I like the way you have laid this out Gary really useful information for a newby or even some one established on line who is yet to look at affiliate marketing.

  • garyalach

    Reply Reply September 18, 2015

    Thanks Gloria – Glad you liked it.

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