My Online Journey Continues

Following on from my first blog post, I thought I would update you with my progress to date.

It’s 19 May 2015 and I the finalization of getting my first IM product to the marketplace is nearing completion.

The product is called Rapid Traffic Guide and it’s a video course containing 29 videos across 3 modules.  Here’s a very brief overview of the product.

Main Module – Traffic Explosion (21 lessons) This module covers step by step how to get virtually all forms of (over 20 types) online traffic. Both free and paid.  It also has a lesson dedicated to offline lead generation along with a lesson on how to spy on your competitors’ traffic and use the information to your advantage.

Bonus Module 1 – Product Selection (5 lessons) The Product Selection module covers how to select products for the highest possible conversions from Affiliate Products, CPA Offers and Multi Level Marketing (Network Marketing) opportunities, including detailed explanations and demonstration relating to all of these offers.  I also have an awesome lesson on how you go about creating your own digital product (informational or software) that you can sell, and it is easier than you might think!

Bonus Module 2 – Lead Capture (3 Lessons) In the Lead Capture module, I cover how to go about capturing leads and customers contact details in order to build a subscriber list.  I show how to set up a lead capture page (also know as squeeze page or landing page), and how to split test it and optimize it to get the highest opt in rate possible.  I also have provided 8 Ad Copy templates that can be used on lead capture pages and other advertising material, no matter what the niche.

I created this product to help new people get started in an online business as I know there are a lot of people wanting to know how to earn income from home, and for existing online business owners the ability to multiply their profits and take their business to the next level.  I also wanted to demonstrate just how easy it is to get traffic to an offer.  So if you are involved in any online marketing business, you must remember that you need to have your product selected and your lead capture page set up and optimized BEFORE you send traffic!

Now I cover this in detail in Rapid Traffic Guide

I first started on creating the product, it was August 2014, meaning that was when I first conducted my niche research.

The slides and videos were shot in late 2014 and early 2015.

The sales pages, JV page and sales videos were created by me and I actually wrote the sales copy.  I created the sales page with an excellent user friendly page building tool called . This was done over the past couple of months.

The members area is being created at the moment, which I have outsourced to a developer.  I  am currently working on the JV page emails and the automated emails for the product’s future subscribers which will be sent from my GetResponse auto responder.

I will soon announce a launch date.

It has taken a bit longer that I would have liked to due to a couple of issues I experienced.

The first being that my original hosting plan (at my very first hosting company), had insufficient disk space for my pages to reside, so I ended up changing hosts and went over to a VPS plan which solved that problem.

The second issue I encountered was that my membership site was experiencing technical issues, and after over 2 weeks of dialog with the new hosting company and the developer, it finally was found that some malware had found it’s way onto one of my domains.  Thankfully this issue was finally resolved today and I’ll be beefing up security on my site to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Apart from that everything else has gone to plan.

So yes it has taken a little longer than expected but I have learned from the problems and overcame them.

Now anybody who goes into any sort of business will be faced with various obstacles or hurdles.  It’s the people who tackle them head on, and overcome them, that get to experience success.  The people that give up at any little set back are the ones still spinning their wheels and still jumping for opportunity to opportunity and looking for that next shiny object, and feeling the frustration and overwhelm that goes along with it.

So if I can leave you with one message, here’s what it would be.

Stay focused, never give up on your dreams and keep going no matter what obstacles come in your way.  Conquer and learn. You can do it!

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