Welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to my blog.

In case you didn’t know, this is actually my first ever blog post. Over the coming weeks and months you’ll see this blog transform into a place where you can come to find valuable and interesting information in relation to working from home over the internet.

My name is Gary Alach and after working in a secure government job for most of my life, I decided to quit in April 2014, to pursue a career in online marketing.

I have had a passing interest in working from home over the internet since 2009, but never really took serious action until recently.

Since April 2014 I have been learning about all facets of internet marketing and traffic generation and have been fortunate enough to apply my knowledge to make some commissions via affiliate marketing and MultiLevel Marketing.

In July 2014 I signed up on a 6 month coaching stint with the legendary 7 figure internet marketer Alex Jeffreys who taught me how to create my own product and write sales copy.

With that training under my belt I was able to create my very first product which I’ll be launching on JVZoo in March 2015. It relates to traffic generation. I’ll speak more about this in later posts.

My six month coaching with Alex Jeffreys has now concluded and I have recently decided to get mentored by John Thornhill, another internet marketing legend.

I have already learned so much in my first week of training under John, particularly that in order to become a successful marketer, you need a web presence. This is one of the reasons (amongst others) that I started my blog. So if you are reading this and are interested in making money online, then I suggest you take action and start your own blog.

My main goal for starting this blog (and starting an online business) is that I want to build a highly successful business online providing value to the market place and want to help others do the same so that they can create a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Starting an online business has the advantages of:

  • being able to run your business from anywhere in the world
  • not have to worry about answering to a boss
  • no requirement to travel through frustrating traffic to get to and from work
  • low start-up costs
  • don’t require a college degree to start, anybody can do it
  • many parts of it can be automated (freeing up your valuable time)
  • income is scalable so potential to earn exponentially higher income than working the 9 to 5 grind for someone else
  • flexibility of hours worked
  • can lead to having greater financial freedom and a better work life balance.

So if you are interested in following my journey to online success and would like to learn how to do it yourself, stay tuned for more value, tips, resources and insights to come.

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